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Our Mission is to Provide Every School and College an Advanced Next Generation, Cost Effective and Affordable E-Learning platform, with a Vision of smart, easy and faster access to the latest learning methodology.

About Our App

We have content for all Board CBSE, ICSE and STATE which is categorized and delivered as i) Study Material ii) Video-Tutorials and iii) Tests and Assessments. The Subjects for the Classes as below:
1. Class 1st to Class 5th – English, Hindi, Kannada, Science, Math’s & Social Science (EVS) as per syllabus.
2. Class 6th to Class 10th – English, Hindi, Kannada, Science, Math & Social Science as per syllabus and Additional Exclusive Features of NEET & JEE.
3. Class 11th and 12th – Languages to chose form Kannada, English and Hindi – Core Subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. With Advanced Features of NEET and JEE.
4. Syllabus comprises of three subjects – Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
5. JEE Syllabus comprises of three subjects – Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics.

The contents are designed and delivered for an effective learning processes which includes Study Material, Video Tutorial & Test/Assessments. The Study Material is available chapter wise in PDF format supported by relevant Video Tutorial for each Chapter and Objective type (select one among given four) of Test/Assessments with proper progress tracking for all the Subjects INCLUDING THE SUBJECTS FOR NEET AND JEE LIKE PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS AND BIOLOGY.